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The Duke Imaging and Spectroscopy Program




Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy develops a unique systems analysis approach to optical sensor design, including revolutionary approaches to sampling and optical processing. Geometric, wave and statistical models of image fields are developed and powerful statistical methods for imaging system analysis are described. Compressive and generalized sampling and image inference algorithms are considered along with numerous examples of spectrograph and imager design strategies. Analytic strategies for analyzing the limits imager depth of field, resolution and field of view are presented. The text targets biological, chemical and physical scientists interested in understanding the limits of sensor science as well as optical and electrical engineers and physicists interested in pursuing advanced computational imager design. The text is available from at left and from numerous additional sources.


Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy presents numerical simulation and analysis using Matlab and Mathematica. Code used to generate figures in the text is provided here. Recent interest has focused on Fig. 2 of "Design and characterization of thin multiple aperture infrared cameras." Matlab code to generate this figure is online here.



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