13 February 2011

Liquid Crystal Eyeglasses

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Pixel Optics has introduced Empower eyeglasses, which use liquid crystal lenses to actively adjust power.

11 January 2011

DISP is on YouTube

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Thanks to Igor Carron, CASSI is explained on YouTube.

Mike Gehm is on You Tube

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Mike Gehm discusses computational imaging on youtube.

Gorgon Stare

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Gorgon Stare is a 9 camera wide area persistent surveillance system mounted on the Reaper UAV.

12 October 2010

Tessera. Siimpel and auto-focus

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Siimpel was another MEMS autofocus company, recently acquired by Tessera.

optical touch technologies

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Optical touch technologies represent a growing market for image sensors.

4 October 2010

14 meg cell phone camera

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The Altek Leo is a 14 meg optical zoom android cell phone. Progress, but we can do better.

23 September 2010

Hasselblad releases 200 megapixel imager

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Hasselblad has announced a multishot 200 megapixel camera based on micropositioning (and presumably digital super resolution?) of a 50 megapixel sensor. The announcement is here.

5 September 2010

Adaptive lenses

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Small scale electrically adapted lenses are useful in multiscale design. Several companies are pursuing such lenses, including

Lens Vector

A nice review of the technologies by Andrew Wilson is available on OpticIQ

Canon 120 megapixel sensor

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Canon has produced a prototype 13280 by 9184 cmos sensor, e.g. >120 megapixels. The chip area is 29 by 20 millimeters. Here is the story at Wired.

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