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This page discusses errors and obscure points in Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy. Please send enquires about particular points for inclusion here to dbrady at

Page 35. The function h() in Eqn. 2.37 should be the function p() from Eqn. 2.36.

Page 35. Capital G in Eqn. 2.43 should be small bf g from Eqn. 2.42.

Page 44. Eqn. 2.52 should be a single integral over dl (du, dv and d\alpha should be dropped from the equation.)

Page 50. In problem 2.2, the coefficients C1, C2 and C3 are given in units of microns.

Page 58. Eqn. 3.7, x'' and y'' should be x and y.

Page 213. Fig. 6.15 The q axis is in uints of square apertures (not amperes).

Page 219. Fig. 61.7 The word "wavelength" is misspelled.

Page 227. First line should read "the change in object position for a given defocus is"

Page 332. Problems are misnumbered. Number 8.7 is used twice.

Page 471. There was a error in the code used to generate Fig. 10.45, which compares reconstructed signals for two different compressive sampling strategies. The global sampling strategy performs better than indicated in the figure, although still worse than a local kernel. The correct figure is shown here:
chapter 10 figure 4.45